Horizon Leader Group leverages an assortment of diagnostic tools and analytics data that provide insights and intelligence into making sound decisions that will maximize your performance potential, and that of your current and future employees and leaders.

Our fully integrated Talent Lifestyle Solutions model gives us a competitive edge. We have combined and enhanced best talent management practices into a unique, comprehensive approach, to ensure you find better talent which ultimately leads to better business performance.

Our proprietary branding process adds critical and powerful feedback that paints a clear picture of leadership potential, preferences, motivators, character traits, attitudes, and opinions. We help you select, enable and empower talent, un-tapping potential to differentiate your leaders brand and expand your business.

Every leadership decision is a high stakes investment for an organization, so it’s crucial that you have accurate information when selecting key talent and making big decisions.

Assessments / Surveys

  • 360 Personal Branding
  • Success Factor
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Succession Planning
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