Jay Wolf

Leadership Performance Coach

Jay brings his impressive Leadership Development and Performance Coaching experiences with both professional and amateur athletes to HLG. Jay focuses on the mental side of the athletes’ game using the Power Coaching Model, and introduces them to the ground breaking concept of Auto-Telic Competition and the need for P.E.E. (Preparation, Execution and Evaluation) in order to achieve their goals.

A member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council, Jay is also a highly sought after executive coach for senior level and high potential business leaders. He has worked as a Power Coach at the Center for Enhanced Performance at the United States Military Academy at West Point, coaching Cadets on leadership performance in the areas of sports, academics and military deployment.

For over a decade as the founding partner of JWC LLC, Jay has worked in the area of People Strategy. He has earned a reputation as an innovator, a disruptive expert by challenging the status quo of organizational, team and individual performance. He leverages his unique approach of shaping executives thinking by developing an elite athletes’ mindset in order to be highly successful in today’s competitive business environment.