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Jocelyn Lemieux (NHL) and Dr. Patrick Graham (NHL/MLB) Join Horizon Leader Group

By May 26, 2020June 7th, 2020No Comments

Horizon Leader Group (HLG) is excited to announce that their exclusive Managing Member Club continues to grow as they add two former professional athletes who overcame career transition challenges to thrive in their life after sport.


Toronto born Dr. Pat Graham, BSc., DC., played five years in the NHL including a stint with his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins. Today, he is founder and owner of the Core Optimum Health Centre. For the past two decades, he has been the official consulting chiropractor for Major League Baseball’s the Toronto Blue Jays.


Jocelyn Lemieux, a first-round pick who enjoyed 13 seasons in the NHL, career was highlighted by a Stanley Cup final appearance with the Chicago Blackhawks, and playing for his childhood dream team, the Montreal Canadiens. Presently he is an analyst for RDS, a TSN Bell Media company, and the official partner of Hockey Canada’s French-language sports broadcasting network, featuring Les Canadiens.


Pat and Jocelyn join Steven Caldwell and Ian Leggatt on HLG’s Managing Member Team. Steven is a 17-year professional footballer in the Premier League and MLS, where he captained Toronto FC. He is currently an on-air analyst for The Sports Network Canada. Ian is a 19-year PGA Tour pro golfer, which included a victory at the PGA Tour’s Tucson Open, and three World Cup appearances. He is currently an analyst at Rogers Sportsnet, and the GM/Director of Golf at the Summit Golf Club.


HLG partner Joe Jackman said, “We’re thrilled to add two world-class professionals like Pat and Jocelyn to our team! They will play an integral part in our business growth, and in unleashing personal bests and a lifetime of epic results for our clients.”


In their new positions, Pat and Jocelyn will be responsible for mentoring HLG clients, fostering relationships and strategic partnerships in the professional sports and corporate worlds, and contributing to the strategic, global growth of HLG.


Dr. Graham, who retired early from the NHL due to injuries, said,I had my NHL playing career cut short due to chronic back pain and surgery. The average NHL career is less than five years. At only 23 years old, I was forced to retire and reinvent myself and it wasn’t an easy transition. That’s why HLG’s programming and services are essential for all professional athletes. Even if you are fortunate enough to be set financially, you need to find another passion for fulfillment, something that makes you jump out of bed again.”


Jocelyn, who comes from a hockey family – brother Claude is a 4-time Stanley Cup winner and his nephew Brendan Lemieux, is currently playing for the NHL’s New York Rangers, added, “Speaking from experience and from the heart, the most important step for former professional athletes is to accept the fact you aren’t who you were anymore. Closing the door on your athlete identity and the past is not easy. I was like a baby learning to walk – every step changed me but through the coaching I received, I became comfortable with who I was, and I began to look forward, not back.”


A professional athletes’ dedication to play at the highest level often comes at a cost. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are small, proactive steps active players can take to eliminate many of the emotional post-game obstacles,” explained Horizon Leader Group partner Joe Jackman. “Access to athletes who have successfully transitioned, like Pat and Jocelyn, and HLG’s two decades of athlete-centric experiences, helps guide, enable, and empower the Next-Gen athlete. We collaborate to ensure they develop their in-game leadership capabilities, and other life and business skills that help them better cope with their eventual retirement from their sport, so they enjoy life-long success, long after the final whistle.”


Horizon Leader Group is built by athletes, for athletes, and provides leadership development coaching and mentoring to world-class athletes. The goal is to ensure active athletes leverage and extend their brand to optimize their playing career and earnings, while creating new opportunities for sustainable success. By executing a strategic game plan, athletes enhance their chances of career longevity and a smooth pivot to ‘what’s next.’ The end result: lifelong success and purpose, from the locker room to the boardroom.



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