John Haime

High Performance Coach – Ottawa ON

John is passionate about helping athletes maximize their potential on the playing field and off. A world-class Performance Coach his clients include some of the world’s leading athletes and organizations. He regularly consults to athletes in the NHL, NBA, NFL, European football, PGA Tour, ATP Tennis, Professional Equestrian, and other sports. His corporate consulting practice features clients in health care, energy, financial, consulting, technology and food services. He coaches “corporate athletes” in performance and leadership assisting up and coming high potentials to C-level executives.

John is the President of New Edge Performance and a former Professional Golfer with several tournament wins as a professional. John’s bestselling book, You are a Contender!, is widely read by athletes and corporate athletes. He was one of Canada’s leading amateur golfers before turning professional. He attended Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN on a full athletic scholarship.