Paul Copcutt

Personal Brand Coach – Toronto, ON

Paul is a personal branding coach and strategist for Horizon Leadership Group. One of the first strategists globally he has been involved in the personal branding space for over 15 years and brings a wealth of corporate, professional service and athlete specific experience. Paul has worked with numerous professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, PGA, Major League Soccer and Olympians on their personal brands during their athletic careers and in helping them transition to life after sport.

Outside of his work with Horizon, Paul speaks about personal branding to large Fortune 500 companies with clients such as General Motors, Hershey, CIBC and McKesson and at major professional conferences across North America. He also coaches individuals from a variety of industries with a particular focus on those in the financial sectors. A regular media resource Paul’s insights have been shared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, Reuters and most major Canadian press including The Globe and Mail.