Sarah Wells

Olympian, Track & Field

Sarah Wells, Olympian, Entrepreneur, and HLG mentor and strategic advisor has an exciting set of skills and experiences to bring to the HLG community!

As an Olympic hurdler we know Sarah can offer members mental techniques and strategies as they pursue their own version of excellence, and she will also be able to guide athletes through the transition from sport to life-after-sport. Sarah has done this successfully herself as she’s worked with hundreds of service based entrepreneurs through her Leadership Launch program that helps people productize their expertise and turn their ideas into action.

Sarah keynotes many National and International conferences on the topics of resilience, leadership and self-belief, including events for organizations such as RBC, Salesforce, Kraft Heinz, P&G, CIBC and Bell.

Most recently you would have seen Sarah pushing her limits on the latest season of the Amazing Race Canada, where she got to apply her tactics in a whole new kind of race!