Built by athletes. For athletes.


Do More. Be More. Live Your Legacy.

You are more than the sport you play. That is why we’ve built Horizon Leader Group (HLG), a first-of-it’s kind, exclusive, and transformative leadership development community – For athletes, by athletes.

From the locker room to the boardroom and every moment in between, HLG works with purpose-driven athletes, no matter the game or sport you play.

Whether you are a rising star, active or a former athlete, you have a story to tell. In your voice. In your own brand. Unique to you. HLG not only helps you discover what that looks like for you, but also gives you the tools to successfully use your strengths to elevate your career, and open up a new world of opportunities for sustainable success in competition and out.

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Uniquely positioned to serve the sports industries executive leaders – the Corporate Athlete – and the sports organizations they quarterback.

HLG is the first to focus exclusively on the niche Business of Sports market as it relates to Executive Recruitment & Assessments, Leadership Development & Branding, and Career Transition Coaching.

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Our Vision

By athletes. For athletes.

Our vision is to ignite a lifetime of extraordinary performances, infinite opportunities, and purpose. We connect, educate and empower athletes, ensuring they embrace change and thrive throughout their athlete journeys and beyond.
We are a trailblazing community of athletes, coaches, mentors and executives who have all walked the walk, found our paths and purpose beyond competition, and who are here now to help you do the same. We are pioneers, builders, Hall of Famers, Olympic/Paralympic medalists, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and Tour Champions; we come from the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, CFL, MLS, PGA, Olympics, and Paralympics.
Our Members


Our incredible members, clients, customers, and partners come from:

Our Clients

Elite Athletes

  • We are not player agents; we do not negotiate athlete contracts.
  • We are not wealth management advisors; we do not offer financial advice.
  • We do not compete with player development programs – we provide synergistic services that can be integrated with your offerings.
Our Partners

Athlete Stakeholders

  • Stakeholders include: Player agents, advisors, teams, leagues, player development managers, player and alumni associations, governing bodies; and corporate sponsors, business and educational partners,
  • Together we execute a game-plan that accelerates athlete performance, mitigates challenges, manages change and ignites opportunities.
  • We ensure a lifetime of sustainable success, income and purpose. Empowerment. Infinite Possibilities. Let’s Get Started NOW!

Athletes find their voice.

Athletes want to control their stories and create impact while in the game and long after. We are here to help.

Sport. Business. Life.

We help athletes answer their questions, find their purpose, and provide the tools for success.

More than an athlete.

We unlock the athletes’ full potential, ensuring sustainable success through our personalized and integrated solutions.

HLG’s Values

Be visionary.

Be collaborative.

Be Inspirational.

Be remembered.

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