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The professional athlete mindset has evolved. Todays’ business-savvy, brand conscious personalities are increasingly looking for ways to control their own narratives so they can profit while in the game, and long after they retire.

They are excited and eager to use their celebrity platform to share their distinctive stories, to extend their voice, and monetize their brand, finding creative ways to grow their fan base, optimize their influence and earnings, while positively impacting their communities.

In-Game. Off-Season. Post-Game.

Our team and experiences make us uniquely qualified to advise, coach, and mentor today'' ‘Next Gen Athletes,’ those that live by the mantra, “More Than an Athlete.” If you are an athlete, and these questions have come to mind, we can help:

How Can I:
• Elevate my leadership capabilities in the locker room?
• Leverage my athlete status by seeking other ways to monetizing my brand?
• Win new marketing opportunities – sponsorships, endorsements, etc.?
• Better understand who I am beyond my athlete identity?
• Extend my brand and influence beyond the game?
• Connect with leaders who can help me with the business start-up ideas i have?
• Explore my other passions, so when I leave the game, I have a purpose and financial security?
• Find a strategic way to give back to my community, the causes that are important to me?
• Start building relationships with influential business executives and corporations?
• Find mentoring, job-shadowing, and internships opportunities during the off-season?
• Explore ways to grow through professional development and educational advancement?
• Create a web site, with a social media profile and a campaign, so I have a voice – so I can tell my story my way, sharing my other interests and passions too?

Athlete Life Development.

We excel in developing and empowering leaders, optimizing career length and earnings, while protecting, leveraging, and monetizing the athlete brand. We unlock an elite athletes’ full potential on and off the playing field, ensuring sustainable success and income, through our personalized, integrated solutions:

• ‘More Than an Athlete’ Assessment
• Personal Brand Storytelling
• Athlete & Entrepreneur Leadership Development
• Business Brand Strategy & Management
• Mentoring, Job-Shadowing, Internships
• Digital Marketing & Web Design
• Communications Plan & Execution
• Marketing & Promotion Campaigns
• Brand Endorsements
• Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships
• Life Transitions & Change Management
• Media Relations, PR, Social Media
• Lifelong Learning & Education

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Our Values

Be Visionary – embrace change and dream a bold, new future life

Be Collaborative – team play, integrity, transparency, and persistence always wins

Be Inspirational – leadership through competitiveness, differentiation, and resiliency

Be Remembered© – live your legacy long after the final whistle, be authentic and charitable

We aim to give every elite athlete – from every sport – the mindset, inspiration, empowerment, and confidence to elevate their performance, to become better leaders in the game, and beyond it.

Our clients realize their full potential, win new opportunities, and live a full and purposeful life, so the cheering moves from the stadium to the boardroom and community.

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